Monday, November 15, 2010

Trick or Tear Ass..

These are photos from the actual day of Halloween. He basically ran like a nut around the neighborhood and wouldn't go to anyone's door. Maybe next year. I'm actually okay with it since he's already had a cavity, he doesn't need the candy!

On another note, we've been hearing a lot of different sounds and babble and "Hi" and "Mom" are back. He actually busted out "Hiya, Mommom" the other night which was music to my ears. His parent/teacher conference is this Friday so I'm really hoping to hear some great things.

Thursday, November 11, 2010



This has always been a holiday that has been hard. We dress him up, and he really has no interest. The costume is usually a fight, he doesn't like something, and it's a big source of frustration.

2010 was the year of no fuss. I tried to think of a costume that was simple, easy. No hats, No zippers, No Fuss.

The winner? Charlie Brown.

Owen had a super cute party at school, they had a parade, he tried to get away, again. He usually sees me and gets his Hulk strength and tries to make a break for it. I felt so bad for his 1:1 Supermonitor, Penny because she got a workout. I've been there. These are the photos from school..

Monday, November 1, 2010


Owen's been busy. We've started him in a Special Needs Bowling League that meets right around the corner from us every other Monday. Last week, was the first game. Mondays at 5pm. Owen wasn't sure what to think at first, he refused to wear his bowling shoes so they let him bowl in his sneakers. Once that was done, he was like a fish to water. He loved it!

Lots of photos, as always--Click to enlarge!

Yay, Owen!