Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let's Ride!

On Monday we got a call that Hippotherapy had be rescheduled from Thursday this week and they had an opening on Monday at 430pm so we took it. What was great about this was that I got to go to therapy! I was really excited about this as it's usually on Wednesdays and I'm at work.

So, off to therapy we went and let me just say that Owen's doing AWESOME! First off, when he gets to Special Strides he lights up! He starts smiling as soon as you get to the front entrance which is just so cute. Then, he charges right into the Main Office and makes himself at home in the playroom while he waits one of his many girlfriends, Miss Maureen. He actually was doing a lot of appropriate play which made us very, very happy.

After a while we went outside to sit and Owen was engrossed in the Citronella plant on their deck. He wouldn't leave it alone.

Then, Miss Maureen was ready and Owen was off. He took her hand and just was a listening CHAMP! He knows his routine at the Farm very well. He followed to get his helmet and even tried to put it on.

He actually brushed the horse! They have been working on this for about 4-5 weeks now and he put the brush to the horse and made a real attempt. It was so sweet, and I being a dork had to try and not bawl. He even put back the brush when prompted!

Then it was time to mount, and this was so cute, he has a routine with Maureen that once he's on the horse he helps her put on her glasses. He apparently does this weekly. He's so himself with her and comfortable that it made me really, really happy to see.

Then, he was off. I didn't follow or watch the entire session, I felt I was a distraction and I don't want to disrupt. I walked behind him until they were ready to hit the trails and then returned to the office to wait for the little guy.

As quick as he left, he was back. Maureen said he said "Go" and used the right prompt to have to horse trot back to the house. My Little Show Off, and I love it. :)