Monday, October 18, 2010

We're back

We've been busy the last few months, so for a quick recap:

We're chelating! Yay. We've gone through 1 round, got great results, and now we're in the 2nd round. Our DAN! has determined that Antimony is Owen's Kryptonite. He's chock full of it, so we're hoping to see that go away-- QUICK! Chelating has brought us great direction following, some words and a lot of great eye contact.

Also, we've started Methyl B-12 shots. Owen's had 2 so far, he takes 'em in the hiney like a champ. We can't say we've seen a whole lot of results from it yet, but as usual, fingers crossed!

We also finished our walk. Team Short Man collected $2,220 for Autism Speaks. Photos to come soon..