Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And I quote... "Amazing"

This is the word that was used to describe Owen's Hippotherapy Session today!

The day was off to a bumpy start as Rich called me en route to Special Strides and that Owen had upchucked his banana because of his Crouptacular cough. :(

So a quick pit stop home and they were off to a 3:45pm appointment.

Owen was really, really happy to be there. He ran to "his" pony, Johnny and off they went and according to Rich was beaming as he was being led away for 45 minutes of fun.

The staff said that he was very vocal on the horse, letting them know how happy he was, and when he got to the Sensory Playground he RAN for the swings. He played on 2 different types of swings, appropriately :) but had no interest in the ladder for the slide.

When asked if he wanted to get back on Johnny, he ran to the horse and was again, SUPER vocal back to the main office!

We couldn't be happier. Owen also got a full scholarship for the 2010 Riding year. They said that since Owen has made such tremendous progress they gave him a full year PLUS 2 sessions!!

A few other things-- Catch! He's caught the ball a few times when it's been thrown to him. At school they have tried to also teach him to cover his mouth when coughing by coughing into his elbow. He forgets until after he coughs and then when he's done, puts his elbow up.

Too freakin' cute!

He's a photo from the park on Saturday. Pushing himself on the swing!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Babble Babble Babble, WORD!

Owen's been babbling like crazy, and then all of the sudden he just belts out a new word. Recently we've had--

I love you, dragon and the number 5.

Good Stuff!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year! New Stuff!

Hey, It's Owen's Old Man posting this time.

He's had some cool things going on:

Pop (my dad) was up from Florida for a good three weeks and he and Owen are really bonding. It was fun. Owen got really used to having him around I think. He's planning a return trip for Owen's birthday in April.

A few weeks ago Owen sassed his teacher. She used the stern teacher voice an held her finger up and said "Owen, you have to listen" and he held his finger up and said

"No, you!"

My adorable dissident.

We made him a PECS book for home as he's been very good with the one from schol. My wife made up a great one and he's been using it a lot.

The day before yesterday, Owen brought me his number book opened up to 4 Apples. I asked if he wanted me to read it. I started to and when I got to the apples again he stopped me and pointed to the apples. It dawned on me he was using that picture for PECS! Nice job!

I know I'm forgetting something but can't remember what. My Better Half will remember, for sure.