Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day, a Birthday and More.

Mother's Day. My last post was in April for Autism Awareness. And then I stopped. Again. Bad Mommy. We've been busy, and there have been words, and there have been behaviors. First off, April was Autism Awareness. The boy wore blue, I wore blue nails, people we love changed their Facebook profile photo to a puzzle piece. We felt the love, it's great that more and more people and helping to raise awareness. More needs to be done, but it's a start, and we think it's amazing. Then, we had a birthday. The big SIX! He's six years old. I can't believe it. Birthdays and Christmas are really the only time that I still have a rough time with Owen's Autism and Apraxia diagnosis. It's really hard when they don't have an interest in opening a gift. All kids love gifts! They love that their birthday is their special day, it's a big deal. But Owen doesn't have an interest and he can't tell me what he wants for a birthday gift. It really does stink. But, he's happy, healthy, and a super cute boy so we made sure we did lots and lots of celebrating. For his birthday, Grandma and Pop Pop bought him a bike. A BIG BOY bike.

We took him shopping a few times to test out bikes and he was really into it! Here are some photos of him testing out a bike.

Then we had Easter and jelly beans and chocolate and did I mention, Chocolate?  This will give you an idea.
So, back to his birthday, we decided to NOT do a party this year.  I just don't think he's ready yet.  So, we took him out for a day of fun and spoiling which in Owen's world is Turtle Back Zoo + Chili's.  We had gorgeous weather and Owen did amazing.  He sat like a champ on the train, looked at the animals a lot, listened beautifully.  Really, it was a like a birthday present for me.
Also, during his birthday week he spent some time at Aunt Neen's house getting spoiled.  Here are a few photos from his little trip.

We also celebrated Owen's birthday in school.  The theme of Owen's birthday was "Curious George" as he's just crazy for him so we got him cupcakes from Little Sweet Cakes in Point Pleasant.  They did a fantastic job!  
Rich and I went into school to celebrate and it was that freak day in April where it was 90 degrees.  His classroom was an INFERNO.  They have no air and everyone was dripping with sweat.  I wrote numerous letters about this to the school and the last letter I wrote has gone unanswered by the principal and the Director of Special Strides.  Nice, Huh?  Here's a picture of Owen in his classroom, not a great shot, but I didn't want to post one of anyone's kids as I don't have permission.  
We've also had a bunch of words.  Very spontaneous, but great.  He's been saying his name when asked MOST of the time, and it's usually coming out as Oh-Pon, or Oh-Won.  Adorable.  He also is saying UP, alot and Baby, which is more like BEBE.  

I need to update more.  I really do as there is always something I forget.   But the last thing to show is the boy's annual Tee photo. Here it is!