Sunday, March 31, 2013


What parent likes lip from their kid?
This one.
The boy in charge has learned a new word.  YO!
YO = NO and I freakin' love it.  Tell him to go to bed and he doesn't want to - YO! Tell him to go brush his teeth - YO! with an appropriate head shake and all. 
I have had lots of YO this week since the little man was on spring break and it was a tad trying.  Spring Allergies & a boy off his routine make for a stimmy little YO maniac.  We are back on our schedule tomorrow. 
Tomorrow is also April 1, Autism Awareness Month.  But for us, it is our daily life and as trying as it can be, he is awesome, cuddly and oh so funny and Autism is just a small part of him.  If you would like to make this family happy -wear BLUE on Tuesday, April 2nd.  Light It Up Blue, Peeps!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Goddamned Ball.

See that ball?  That ball is my archenemy.  The boy has had a long standing bedtime love affair with it. 
In other words, it's his Woobie. 
Now, I am all for Woobie Love.  So help me-I tried to get him attached.  Got him an adorable soft UglyDoll-NOPE. No interest. 
He was obsessed with Little Bill.  He would smile and clap if he saw any little black boy or a woman with dreadlocks because I truly believe he thought it was Little Bill and/or Mrs. Glover herself! SO, like any indulgent parent, stalk the internet for a Little Bill doll for Christmas.
He got one.  Not from Mr. Claus-a generous relative.  It was brand new in the box B-EAUTIFUL.
He pushed it away and did not want to watch Little Bill for 6 months due to Post Traumatic Little Bill Disorder.  Eventually, they became friends until I had to end their friendship because someone liked to stim on Bill's bald head. 
Back to the ball--This he wants.  Tell the little maniac it is time for bed and it is a search mission.  He must have the ball.  He cuddles it.  Holds it while he sleeps --WITH ME! 
The little man had a big time issue with his bed.  Slept with us-FOREVER.  Me, him and this goddamn ball wedged in my back.  He is back in his bed but most nights I wind up laying with him.
And the ball.
I can go with the flow pretty much these days, but the ball?? It has to go but I feel guilty getting rid of his Woobie.  Any ideas?
Anyone want a Little Bill doll?