Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Goddamned Ball.

See that ball?  That ball is my archenemy.  The boy has had a long standing bedtime love affair with it. 
In other words, it's his Woobie. 
Now, I am all for Woobie Love.  So help me-I tried to get him attached.  Got him an adorable soft UglyDoll-NOPE. No interest. 
He was obsessed with Little Bill.  He would smile and clap if he saw any little black boy or a woman with dreadlocks because I truly believe he thought it was Little Bill and/or Mrs. Glover herself! SO, like any indulgent parent, stalk the internet for a Little Bill doll for Christmas.
He got one.  Not from Mr. Claus-a generous relative.  It was brand new in the box B-EAUTIFUL.
He pushed it away and did not want to watch Little Bill for 6 months due to Post Traumatic Little Bill Disorder.  Eventually, they became friends until I had to end their friendship because someone liked to stim on Bill's bald head. 
Back to the ball--This he wants.  Tell the little maniac it is time for bed and it is a search mission.  He must have the ball.  He cuddles it.  Holds it while he sleeps --WITH ME! 
The little man had a big time issue with his bed.  Slept with us-FOREVER.  Me, him and this goddamn ball wedged in my back.  He is back in his bed but most nights I wind up laying with him.
And the ball.
I can go with the flow pretty much these days, but the ball?? It has to go but I feel guilty getting rid of his Woobie.  Any ideas?
Anyone want a Little Bill doll?


gilbyandjen said...

Hi Melaina, not sure if I got around to telling you how much I love your blog. It is beautiful, and so nice to see pics of/ get updates on your beautiful family. Here is an article I like on suggestions for getting rid of pacifiers, seems applicable...but you be the judge of that.

Miss you, lady. Jennifer

Owen's Mom said...

Hi!! I just saw this. Im off to read.

We miss you more. <3