Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ready, Set, RIDE!

Owen got a great tricycle from Grandma and Pop Pop for Christmas. He's been riding a tricycle for a few months now at school. They pick him up from his classroom for therapy with one and he rides off into the Therapeutic sunset.

So, weather being gorgeous we decided it was time to bust out the one at home and let him go for a spin. We took him over near our garage so he could ride around more freely. He was a little resistant at first since he loves to give us a hard time at home, since he can but then he started to really enjoy it. He missed the pedals a few times, which I'm chalking up to being a new bike. Practice makes perfect.

The helmet, not so much. I was a little surprised at home how much he didn't want it on since he wears one for Hippotherapy with no complaints at all.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Annual Tee Shirt Photo

So, many of you know that every year I take a photo of Owen in "THE" tee shirt. This was the shirt that was the only one that fit Owen when he got home from the hospital, which was today-April 19th. So, here there are-- Starting with Birth to today.. Wow.

The Original Photo

1 Year Old

2 Years old

3 years old

Four Years Old

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Four Is Fun!

Owen turned four years old on Wednesday. It's still shocking to me that I have a four year old. It doesn't feel right. He's getting so big, so fast. Before we talk about his birthday itself, I thought I'd post a few photos from the day he was born.

His birthday started off with opening presents from Mommy and Daddy. We wrapped them in tissue to help him realize that he was supposed to rip them open. It seemed to help and he got the hang of it.

His favorite present was the little bag of lollipops I left out for him. He was thrilled to have a bag within reach and even more thrilled to be allowed a piece of candy in the morning.

Then, it was time to get dressed and put on our "Birthday Boy" tee shirt. It will be a sad day in my world when he decides he's too old to wear one. And that is the SAME lollipop from the morning. He savored it.

There was his school party. Daddy went and took photos. Miss Beth planned it for 1:45pm so he could just leave with him when it was done after the fiasco of the Book Fair when I showed up.

He had a Backyardigans party, had a blast. All the kids were cute, and loved their Rice Krispies and Fritos. The perfect party in a Gluten Free/Casein Free world.

Then, because she's just phenomenal, Owen's Speech Pathologist came in to see Owen for his birthday, and she was The Birthday Fairy as shown. Owen loves her and we love her because she makes Mr. Lazypants work and she's getting some great sounds out of him.

How great is that?

This past year we've seen Owen start preschool and adapt wonderfully, make friends, ride a horse, master so much at school and still remain a flirt in the process.

Fingers are crossed for Year 4 to be the Year of Language!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Penguins, Otters and a train ride! Oh My!

In an early celebration of Owen's birthday, we took a little trip to Turtle Back Zoo( and it was---awesome.

No other words to describe it. Owen was engaging, loving all the animals, a listening machine and a ton of fun. If you read any further, I warn you now-- Photo Overload! :)

1st up, was the Penguin Exhibit. We probably could have stayed here all day if it were up to Owen. He loved them. They were really active and swimming around quite a bit so he thought it was just the best to get right up to the glass and take a peek.

After the penguins we were off to the Otters. Owen at first wasn't sure about them, but then they swam up to the glass and he was sold. Otters = Big Hit.

We saw an Alligator and other animals. Owen did lots of running around and going uphill and just loving it.

We played in the Eagle's Nest, a little resting area outside of the Bald Eagle exhibit. Owen was a little hesitant to get in an egg, but once he saw another little boy do it, he was all in!

The Petting Zoo was more of a success than I thought. He was hesitant, but started to enjoy it and thought it was hysterical when the sheep would run away. He also touched the sheep more than once so I was happy about that as well. Rich originally took him in the Petting area but when he saw me around the other side of the fence, you can see what happened.

Then off to the Prairie Dogs which I thought Owen would like but he was more interested in tearing ass through the tunnel they live in.

We left the train ride for last in case it was a disaster so this way we could just leave but-it wasn't. He got fussy waiting for the train to leave but once it did, he was so happy. It was about a 10 minute open air ride through South Mountain Reservation. Very pretty..

See these steps? Owen climbed them, no hands, one after another!

It was such a fun day, it's amazing to see him sometimes and see how far he has come. This time last year he could care less about the animals at the zoo.. and a train ride? Forget it. Today could count as my birthday present and it seriously is fine with me.

Age is just a number

Yesterday we finally had the chance to meet up with Mary & Olivia from DD. It was a beautiful day, great company and should have happened a long time ago! We met up at Longstreet Farm in Holmdel:

It's a great park, wonderful little farm with animals, beautiful pond and a great playground that we never even got to go. Mary & Co. were there before us and as I walked up to the farm, I see the cutest little girl with double ponytails and adorable bows that made me immediately miss Caroline and Jenna. It was Olivia. Then, I see a little munchkin that is the pretty Miss Eve, Olivia's little sister. We walked around the park, just talking with our families and it was so nice to see someone who is so similar to Owen. Owen and Olivia didn't really interact much, but that's ok, there's always next time.

The point of this? When we were sitting by the lake I was talking with Mary and I was talking about how with Owen's birthday coming up I was struggling a bit with him being 4 and not being a neurotypical four year old and she said something that has been sitting with me all day and it was that she doesn't see Olivia as a 4 year old, she's just Olivia.

So, this is my new mantra. He's just Owen and he's awesome.

Today, we're going to Turtle Back Zoo to celebrate Owen's birthday and we will have fun, we will laugh, take many pictures and enjoy the gift that is our little red haired boy.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Backyardigans is where it's at!

I took Owen to Party City last night to pick out his birthday party supplies for his party at school. He almost picked Thomas, gave it a really good once over but The Backyardigans is the clear winner. What he didn't want? Diego. I showed him the Diego plates and he shook his head no and then clear as bell replied "No". Then he took it from me and sent it sailing across the isle like a frisbee. Which I of course, being thrilled with the whole NO response said "Good Boy" and we clapped and 20 minutes later realized that the woman in the store staring at me probably thought I was the world's worst mother for applauding him throwing something.
Oh Well. :)

I would also like to add-What is going on with NO Yo Gabba Gabba, NO Max & Ruby or Wonder Pets party stuff available in stores? ONLY online. SO annoying. I just can't spend $6 shipping on $6 plates and napkins. I'm too cheap. Sorry O!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Wear your Blue!

Autism World Awareness Day..

It started tonight with the Empire State Building kicking off with a special lighting. So we are changing our little home here in Blog Universe to Light It Up Blue as well.


Autism Speaks! It's time to listen.