Sunday, April 11, 2010

Age is just a number

Yesterday we finally had the chance to meet up with Mary & Olivia from DD. It was a beautiful day, great company and should have happened a long time ago! We met up at Longstreet Farm in Holmdel:

It's a great park, wonderful little farm with animals, beautiful pond and a great playground that we never even got to go. Mary & Co. were there before us and as I walked up to the farm, I see the cutest little girl with double ponytails and adorable bows that made me immediately miss Caroline and Jenna. It was Olivia. Then, I see a little munchkin that is the pretty Miss Eve, Olivia's little sister. We walked around the park, just talking with our families and it was so nice to see someone who is so similar to Owen. Owen and Olivia didn't really interact much, but that's ok, there's always next time.

The point of this? When we were sitting by the lake I was talking with Mary and I was talking about how with Owen's birthday coming up I was struggling a bit with him being 4 and not being a neurotypical four year old and she said something that has been sitting with me all day and it was that she doesn't see Olivia as a 4 year old, she's just Olivia.

So, this is my new mantra. He's just Owen and he's awesome.

Today, we're going to Turtle Back Zoo to celebrate Owen's birthday and we will have fun, we will laugh, take many pictures and enjoy the gift that is our little red haired boy.


Erica said...

photos please!!

Aunt Corey said...

She's so right, Lainie! He's not a 3 year old or a 4 year old and there is no other child like him. He is just as he is, 100% awesomely Owen :) I think awesome parents get 50% street cred for that, too! xoxo