Saturday, April 17, 2010

Four Is Fun!

Owen turned four years old on Wednesday. It's still shocking to me that I have a four year old. It doesn't feel right. He's getting so big, so fast. Before we talk about his birthday itself, I thought I'd post a few photos from the day he was born.

His birthday started off with opening presents from Mommy and Daddy. We wrapped them in tissue to help him realize that he was supposed to rip them open. It seemed to help and he got the hang of it.

His favorite present was the little bag of lollipops I left out for him. He was thrilled to have a bag within reach and even more thrilled to be allowed a piece of candy in the morning.

Then, it was time to get dressed and put on our "Birthday Boy" tee shirt. It will be a sad day in my world when he decides he's too old to wear one. And that is the SAME lollipop from the morning. He savored it.

There was his school party. Daddy went and took photos. Miss Beth planned it for 1:45pm so he could just leave with him when it was done after the fiasco of the Book Fair when I showed up.

He had a Backyardigans party, had a blast. All the kids were cute, and loved their Rice Krispies and Fritos. The perfect party in a Gluten Free/Casein Free world.

Then, because she's just phenomenal, Owen's Speech Pathologist came in to see Owen for his birthday, and she was The Birthday Fairy as shown. Owen loves her and we love her because she makes Mr. Lazypants work and she's getting some great sounds out of him.

How great is that?

This past year we've seen Owen start preschool and adapt wonderfully, make friends, ride a horse, master so much at school and still remain a flirt in the process.

Fingers are crossed for Year 4 to be the Year of Language!

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