Sunday, April 11, 2010

Penguins, Otters and a train ride! Oh My!

In an early celebration of Owen's birthday, we took a little trip to Turtle Back Zoo( and it was---awesome.

No other words to describe it. Owen was engaging, loving all the animals, a listening machine and a ton of fun. If you read any further, I warn you now-- Photo Overload! :)

1st up, was the Penguin Exhibit. We probably could have stayed here all day if it were up to Owen. He loved them. They were really active and swimming around quite a bit so he thought it was just the best to get right up to the glass and take a peek.

After the penguins we were off to the Otters. Owen at first wasn't sure about them, but then they swam up to the glass and he was sold. Otters = Big Hit.

We saw an Alligator and other animals. Owen did lots of running around and going uphill and just loving it.

We played in the Eagle's Nest, a little resting area outside of the Bald Eagle exhibit. Owen was a little hesitant to get in an egg, but once he saw another little boy do it, he was all in!

The Petting Zoo was more of a success than I thought. He was hesitant, but started to enjoy it and thought it was hysterical when the sheep would run away. He also touched the sheep more than once so I was happy about that as well. Rich originally took him in the Petting area but when he saw me around the other side of the fence, you can see what happened.

Then off to the Prairie Dogs which I thought Owen would like but he was more interested in tearing ass through the tunnel they live in.

We left the train ride for last in case it was a disaster so this way we could just leave but-it wasn't. He got fussy waiting for the train to leave but once it did, he was so happy. It was about a 10 minute open air ride through South Mountain Reservation. Very pretty..

See these steps? Owen climbed them, no hands, one after another!

It was such a fun day, it's amazing to see him sometimes and see how far he has come. This time last year he could care less about the animals at the zoo.. and a train ride? Forget it. Today could count as my birthday present and it seriously is fine with me.


Aunt Corey said...

Aunt Corey is all teary-eyed now :) YAY, OWEN!!! Good thing you're so darn cute or I would never be able to stand how you keep me in such suspense all the time, Mister xoxoxo

Uncle Brian said...

Happy Birthday Owen!!!! Danielle and I love you!