Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ready, Set, RIDE!

Owen got a great tricycle from Grandma and Pop Pop for Christmas. He's been riding a tricycle for a few months now at school. They pick him up from his classroom for therapy with one and he rides off into the Therapeutic sunset.

So, weather being gorgeous we decided it was time to bust out the one at home and let him go for a spin. We took him over near our garage so he could ride around more freely. He was a little resistant at first since he loves to give us a hard time at home, since he can but then he started to really enjoy it. He missed the pedals a few times, which I'm chalking up to being a new bike. Practice makes perfect.

The helmet, not so much. I was a little surprised at home how much he didn't want it on since he wears one for Hippotherapy with no complaints at all.

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OliviasMommee said...

Thats an awesome bike! I'm jealous! Go Owen go!