Sunday, May 2, 2010

The post brought to you by the letter O and the number 1

Reason for this? Our O went to Sesame Place yesterday for the 1st time and had a blast!

We got to the park and he could tell something was up, but didn't know what. While we waited on line to get in he was enthralled with watching the Vapor Trail roller coaster. He just didn't know what to make of it..

So we got into the park and we made our way around, just taking it all in. He loved Snuffy's Slides. That was the clear winner. He loved walking up the stairs and seeing one of us at the bottom waiting for him to come on down.

After he went on that about 20 times, we moved over to Big Bird's Balloon Race. He wasn't sure about it at first, but then thought it was pretty neat to be up in the air.

From there, since it was so hot, we thought it would be a good idea to get out of the heat and went to see Elmo's World. He was stunned to see Elmo walking in front of him. He kept staring at his feet! He also thought it was really funny when Mr. Noodle came out.

The best part was after the show when he got to walk around the set. He loved the piano!

From there, it was time to eat and it was nice to be able to eat somewhere and get a GFCF meal. They had a grilled chicken kids meal that Owen loved and a cute little plate and cup to bring home. It was $8, but totally worth it.

After we ate, we made our way to Big Bird's Nest. Owen had a ball running like a madman with his shoes off and playing on their slide. He climbed the ladder like a champ-barefoot!

We then made our way to get a few photos with some characters. Big Bird and Elmo were available. He was fascinated to see Big Bird and touch his beak and he didn't give a crap about seeing Elmo again.

Then we decided to tackle the Flying Fish. Owen was a little unsure of this one. But, we got him on and he loved it! He clapped at the end..

Owen was tired, and HOT as shown so we decided it was time to leave. We made our way toward the entrance and snapped our family photo on the iconic steps.

Owen did great. I was really happy with how he handled such sensory overload. He had a meltdown leaving the park, but I think it's overwhelming for many kids, especially the 1st time. I also loved that they offer a band for kids of Special Needs to wear so if needed they can jump the line. I used it once to get on the Flying Fish, because I don't want Owen to think just because he has Autism he just cut in front of everyone. I realize he doesn't know this yet but I think it's important for him to learn to wait his turn. It was so fun, and I can't wait to go back with Caroline and Jenna.

Note to Aunt Neen: He's just hot, I slathered him in sunscreen every hour. He has no sunburn! :)

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Aunt Corey said...

What a great day!!! So glad everything went well and you all had such a nice time :)