Saturday, February 12, 2011

And just like that, it was February.

and Owen's blog hasn't been updated in months.
We've been busy, we've been sick, we've been rolling along. And we've had lots of good stuff! After Halloween, our first big thing was FERGUS!

We've got a puppy. We felt it would be great for Owen to have that bond and develop a love with a pet. He's been an awesome addition to our family and we couldn't be more pleased. He's a Yorkiepoo, and he's all black like a little ball of soot who loves socks, Owen's trampoline and most importantly, Owen. He follows him everywhere, and Owen loves it. We're working on playing fetch, and Owen thinks it's hysterical.

Owen also started bowling. We have a great Special Needs play center that Owen goes to every week called "Our Special Place" and they ran a bowling league. The Oster had a ball! He loved it!
So much so that when the league ended, we've taken him back for the sensory input it gives him.

After that, we had Christmas. Pop Conroy came to visit and Owen just loved having him here. They really bonded. Owen requested Pop put him to bed, which was so sweet and gave us a much needed break for a few days of having to lay with the boy.
We've also have had a bunch of new words and sounds out of The Short Man. We've started private speech, signed up for a soccer league, of course, Hippotherapy, and he's been super, super happy. He's been changing every day. His laugh is hardier, his run is more steady, his gaze when he meets yours is much more direct and there, and in the moment.
We've also started POTTY TRAINING! He's been going at school and doing awesome. They've got him at 20 minute Intervals and he thinks it's comedy gold to pee in the potty, and on the bed, and on the kitchen floor and on the trampoline.
He also told me to "Get Up" the other day, and when I told him "No". He told me "Yes". The conversation came so naturally I didn't even realize it happened until it was over. Hopefully it will happen again sooner, and more frequently then later.

More to come, More to happen, I'm sure!