Saturday, April 2, 2011

Opening Day for #47

Soccer finally started today. Last week was called due to weather so today was the big day. We've been having Owen practice wearing his shin guards at school and he was doing great, today he was a bit resistant in putting them on. I think he thought he had to go to school and associated the two and had a meltdown. Once that crisis was averted it was off the fields.

He got nervous once at the fields and was crying a bit. He followed us on the field and the proceeded to try and leave the field about 100x before the game started. Once his coach, John called for the team, he assigned all the "buddies" to the kids. Sarah is Owen's buddy so Owen we thought would have the upper advantage, but...

He gave Sarah a run for her money.

I noticed that there was a few extra buddies so I asked his coach if we could get some extra help so he assigned a really sweet girl named Jasmine.

Basically, the whole theory behind Just 4 Kixs at this age is to have them do soccer drills, some kicks and just follow directions. Owen with his age is on the 3-4 year old team. Even though he'll be 5 in a few weeks, I'm happy he's with the younger kids, I think he's more in his element. Owen started to "sort of" follow the group. He was running back and forth when the other kids did, but he refused to follow the more specific directions like "run sideways" or things like that. It was a lot of stuff he could do, just chose not to do.

Then they had an obstacle course, which Owen always loves. He needed some prompting though, which I was sort of surprised about. After that, they broke out the giant soccer balls and had a mock bowling game with the kids and the buddies. Then it was over. 1 hour, felt like 3. I'm hoping next week goes a lot smoother. Today wasn't bad, but it could have been better.