Sunday, March 31, 2013


What parent likes lip from their kid?
This one.
The boy in charge has learned a new word.  YO!
YO = NO and I freakin' love it.  Tell him to go to bed and he doesn't want to - YO! Tell him to go brush his teeth - YO! with an appropriate head shake and all. 
I have had lots of YO this week since the little man was on spring break and it was a tad trying.  Spring Allergies & a boy off his routine make for a stimmy little YO maniac.  We are back on our schedule tomorrow. 
Tomorrow is also April 1, Autism Awareness Month.  But for us, it is our daily life and as trying as it can be, he is awesome, cuddly and oh so funny and Autism is just a small part of him.  If you would like to make this family happy -wear BLUE on Tuesday, April 2nd.  Light It Up Blue, Peeps!

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