Tuesday, April 2, 2013

18 = HOPE

Yesterday, the little man ROCKED his private Speech therapy.

Our boy said 18 different word approximations. EIGHTEEN!

And, here they are, thanks to our awesome Speech Guru, Sarah, here's the follow up e-mail with an explanation because she's awesome like that and knows I need to know everything:

Wanted to get the word approximation list over to you.  The target word is on the left and on the right is Owen's production, written in a combination of phonetic spelling and the phonetic alphabet.  (If you need me to demonstrate any, I'd be happy to on Thursday).  Spaces indicate a break in the word, during which I provided a verbal or visual cue.  He needed VERY little cueing to do these words though.

hop--ho  p
hoo (Owl noise)--h  oo
oo oo ee ee (Monkey noise)--oowee
roar (Lion noise)--rrrrrrr
pig--pi  g
egg--e  gg
duck--gu  k
yo yo--yo yo
bed--be  g

Good stuff, right?!  The vowel sounds were so crisp and accurate.  I am so proud!!!

So, instead of giving you a big explanation as to why you should Light it up Blue or change your Facebook profile picture as my blog post I purposely wanted to share his latest accomplishment. For this house, Autism isn't just April 2nd, or the month of April. It's our every day and we need to celebrate such a huge session. Owen will be 7, so increased Speech makes this Mom so happy. So, for Owen and all the other kids who live with Autism the rest of the 364 days that we hope you wore blue for- Thank you.

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