Wednesday, August 19, 2009

35 Pounds of sheer, unmitigated charm and cute.

Hey all,

Owen's Old Man here. Just wanted to tell a quick story.

Aside from clapping up a storm now, our Pint-sized Casanova has been picking up the ladies lately. These are full fledged women in bikinis at our pool.

The first one was sitting on the steps where Owen normally gets out of the pool. So he went up to her looking all charming and cute and she smiles at him. He takes her by the hand and begins to pull her into the pool, and she goes with him, the poor starstruck woman!

He then lets go of her hand once she has moved off the step and climbs out of the pool and smiles broadly, obviously proud that he has duped this woman.

“I can't believe I fell for that!” she laughs as the people at the pool chuckle at Owen's little maneuver.

He tries again with another girl who is sitting on the steps reading her book. This time the girl (a blond this time. You can't say he's partial, except he like the ladies!) is wise to his game and says “Uh-uh. I'm not moving” Owen turns on the charm and she says “Now what are you going to do?” and smiles.

He then proceeded to use her like a banister, to climb out, much to everyone's amusement and my chagrin.

One of the regulars says “Man, if we pulled that move we'd get arrested!”

He also played a lo of grab-ass with the moms at the Sprayground at the park on Monday. I say “sorry” and they all say the same thing “It's OK, he's cute!”

That's my son, Johnny Suave, the Ladies' Man.

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