Monday, November 23, 2009

Color Me Happy

Owen has NEVER been into coloring, painting, Playdoh. If it's Arts and Crafts, he's not having any part of it--normally.

Well, today I decided to reintroduce Owen's archenemy

The Magna Doodle.

This has been brought out and put away SOO many times. He doesn't like that it's on string, he holds it the wrong way, etc. It's been a very frustrating toy for him.

Well, today was different.

I made 1 mark to give him a prompt and then he took it from me, and took off.

He was a Scribbling Fool!

After lots of praise and hand clapping on his part, this was our finished product.


Erica said...

this about made me CRY! I would kill for Avery to do something like that. she has in the past a few times but man, what I wouldnt give! Go OWEN!

Aunt Corey said...

It's a MASTERPIECE!!! Great job, Owen!!!

OliviasMommee said...

Wow Awesome!

Janet said...

way to go, Owen! Next up, the walls!