Monday, June 21, 2010

Family Fun Day

Last Friday Owen had Family Fun Day at school, and besides fun, it was freakin' adorable. Basically, Ms. Beth & Co., set up little fun activities for parents to do with their child and then they had their "Luau". The top photo was an attempt at wearing his Lei. :)

First thing we did was make a collage of great photos that Ms. Beth took throughout the year. I plan on posting them, but haven't had time to scan them. Then they had a Bounce House. And as we all know, Owen LOVES the Bounce House.

What I loved as well is how great Penny is with Owen. He adores her and I think this photo is adorable and I really hope Penny isn't mad if she sees that I posted it.

Then he moved over to the Water Table, which over course was a hit. He was wet and happy!

After this was Party Time! He loves his school and so do we :)

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