Friday, August 31, 2012

Stimming, Stimming Everywhere..

and not an end in sight.

Owen has been a stimming monster. I've really come to accept the stim, respect it and live with it. It's something his body needs and as his Mom I just need to help deal with it appropriately and not all day. The last couple of days have been, rough.

Owen had oral surgery on Tuesday, he needed a tooth capped and his front 2 teeth removed because, they in a word-died. He fell a few months ago and they started to die, so out they went.

And who thought he could be any cuter?

The stimming? Not so cute. We're line stimming, flapping, TOE walking.. I'm correcting and redirecting, but Wow-- this has been rough.

We also had blood work done! Allergy Testing and Urine OAT test being processed as we speak! $780 out of pocket, still waiting on reimbursement from Insurance! I really hope it comes in soon but I really can't wait for the results! We had Owen's cholesterol checked and I have been reading a ton of information on low cholesterol and Autism/Apraxia. Do I think this is a cure to Apraxia? No, but it's too important to not check out!

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