Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dear Katy Perry

Dear Katy Perry,

You are my 100th post here on Owen's Inchstones and honestly I never would have thought that I would be writing about you, because quite frankly until I viewed your "Night of Too Many Stars" performance with Miss Jodi DiPiazza--

I hated you.

Yep, I was a Katy hater.  Your colored hair, funky nails, MTV performances, your love of Hello Kitty.  Everything.  Then, you got on stage and gave your time and let Miss Jodi do her thing and I realized that I shouldn't judge you.

Just like people shouldn't judge Owen for having Autism or Apraxia.

Now, people can read this and think that it this may sound silly, because we don't know each other.  You have no idea who I am. Well, I am Owen's mother.  He is 6.  He has red hair, blue eyes, a laugh that is infectious, likes to play hide and seek, likes to joke.  An example is today when I asked him what my name was, he told me "Rarah", which is Sarah his speech therapist who he adores, and then bust out laughing and said "Mama" when I asked him if he was sure.    This was huge because he's Apraxic.  I have no idea when I'll hear Mom again, but hopefully soon.  The bottom like is I don't want him judged.  I want people to see him for the amazing kid he is.  I'm lucky to be his mom, just like your mom is lucky to be yours because to her, you're just Katy, not Katy Perry the singer.

So, Ms. Perry, I was judging you.  I shouldn't have.  Your performance was amazing, Jodi was wonderful and I bawled like a baby when she hugged you like you were Christmas Morning and her birthday rolled into one.

So, will you read this? I don't know.  I do plan on tweeting it to you.  I hope you retweet it.  If you don't it's ok, because I'm now a fan and I'll cut you some slack.   I can only wish that one day if someone inspires Owen the way Jodi looks up to you they give him their time and help him have his moment.

Owen's Mom


Ellen said...

What a great post. I've long been a Katy Perry fan, but had particularly admiration for her after that duet!

Owen's Mom said...

Thanks Ellen! You made my YEAR reading this! I hope you check in again!