Monday, September 21, 2009

School has started!

and Owen is doing great! The week in review so far!

Notes from Miss Beth:

First Day 9/15

--had a little bit of a rough start, but did a nice job with my PECs book and everyone noticed how much babbling I was doing. I didn't say any words, but lots of sound.

Today I played in the toy and block areas


--had a much better adjustment this am! Like I never left.

Today I played in the art and book areas


I keep laughing at Miss Beth during Circle Time. I keep laughing at her. I also did a great job with my PECs today

Today I played in the toy and sand/water areas

I also went to PT today. My 1st session with Miss Susan. She said I made a big improvement and I did my "homework" over Summer and got big and strong!


--worked very well with Miss Beth this morning! She was very pleased.

Today I played in the toy area

Overall, a great 1st week!

For those who aren't aware-- PECs is actually Picture Exchange Communication. Many kids use this to talk when they don't have the words. It involves being shown photos and actually having to remove the photo from a book and bring it to a teacher or parent to show what they want. Owen is in the 1st stages of this book and is doing just awesome!

The only downside-- Crappy 1st day photos. Someone wasn't very cooperative. :(

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