Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 2! The Week in Review...

Monday, 9/21

Today I had LIBRARY! and I got to check out a book. Pictures to follow...

Owen wet through his clothes today but he did really nice following directions!

Today I played in the toy area!

Tuesday, 9/22

Today I had Speech, OT and PT-- I was busy!

I also wet through my clothes again today. We are going to change him earlier in the morning to try and fix this problem.

Today I played in the block area!

Wednesday, 9/23

Today I had Speech, and boy I wasn't happy with Ms. Vuola, but I did very well.

I also did a great job at Gym Class and very good listening at Circle Time.

I also played in the toy area, book area and computer area!

After school I had Hippotherapy and did really well. Photos are coming!

Thursday, 9/24

I think that Owen thinks Miss Beth is crazy during circle. I just laugh at her.

Today I had OT and PT and played in the block area

Friday, 9/25

Today I had Speech and OT. I also played like a superstar during Intergrated Recess and got a WOW certificate. My 1st one. Go Owen.

I also played in the toy area!

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