Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chasing, Following Directions, and some WORDS!

We've been busy, and it's a good thing.

First up-- Chase! We've begun chasing. We run and he follows and when we say "uh oh, are you going to get Mommy, or Daddy?" He laughs and runs faster. It's adorable, appropriate and a good workout.

Following Directions-- We're doing REALLY well with this. He understands SO much. Go to the bathtub, let's change your diaper, time to go bye bye. He's just following so much, it's sometimes like having a different kid.

WORDS-- We're hearing a lot of different sounds, babbling, jabbering and occasionally some words. They are really mushy, but since we are always on the lookout for them, we tend to pick up on them where other people may not. For example- Every time we go up and down the stairs, we count. We've heard a mushy seven, eight, and two all on different days. We've had some semi-consistent Bye Bye which is "Buh Buh". Tonight, during his nightly "i want a cookie, i don't care that i have brushed my teeth" fit Rich and I both heard him say "I want it". We were both in other rooms and we both said "Did he say that?" We're also hearing a consistency in his babble. He's saying a lot of the same things, like he's trying to say something. It's exciting, but frustrated at times because he really wants to communicate and we're all so ready for him to break through..

Last but not least-- POTTY TRAINING!

Yup, we're in the beginning stages. Owen has always been happy to sit in poop and pee. Never bothered him at all. We've had a few cases of diapers being ripped off immediately after poop and pee, being led by the hand requesting a diaper change and he's wanting privacy when doing his business. So, we've been sitting him on the potty and he's having fun. Flushing the toilet is just Comedy Gold in his book but nothing has been done, yet. They've also started the Toilet Readiness Program at school with him. He's sitting on the potty there as well and wearing Pull Ups. He's feeling like a big boy and loving it, but still hasn't done anything at school either. I'm sure he'll go on the Potty at school first. So, we're starting the gentle push. We'll see what happens...

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Erica said...

WOW! all so exciting!!!!