Friday, February 26, 2010

A Tumble, A Sprinkle and A Toss!

Owen loves to rough play. Throw him around, give him a piggyback ride, tight hugs and all is well in Owenland. I've been working on teaching him to do a tumblesault for, I don't know... forever. :) I usually bring him in the bedroom, put him in the position and just flip him over. And Over. And Over. Well, it worked, because he finally did it, and I as usual, missed it. I was in the shower washing off the stink from going to the gym, and he just decided he was going to do it for Daddy. Rich being awesome though, grabbed the camera and got action shots!

Then, we had a sprinkling of pee on the potty at school! This is huge! He's been sitting on the potty for a bit now, loves to flush, and really loves to rip his diaper off with poop in it so we're all anxious for the potty days to be here! He apparently didn't think a thing about it and was nonplussed about the fuss they made about him doing the deed. Hopefully, peepee days are here!

We've also achieved playing with our Bean Bag Toss. Santa brought us one that we set up during the first Snowmaggedon of 2010 and we've been playing with it but with not too much success. I don't know if he just didn't give a crap or finally got it, but now we're a bean bag tossing champ with much success!

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Uncle Brian said...

Great! He looks like he loves it! Hope he performs on Sunday.