Saturday, July 3, 2010

Allaire Village

It was really nice out today so we took a ride down to Allaire State Park to walk around the village and take the train ride. We did both, 1 part was great, 1 part, not so great..

We went right to the train ride got our tickets and waited for the train to pull in. Owen was a little cranky, I thought it was because he was a little bored but I tried to press on..

Well, I shouldn't have.

He had a complete meltdown on the train. We were sitting in the open air compartment and he was so upset we actually moved into the caboose and sweated our you know what off. He was a little better in there, but not much.

Once we got off the train, he had a drink, and he was our fun loving, nature boy again.

We just roamed the park, looked around, and let Owen explore. He loved the lake, not to be expected. The boy loves water.

He really looked at all the buildings, he was very curious, and took it all in which was so nice to see. We actually had to call him away from a lot of the buildings to keep moving along..

This photo is my favorite of the day :)

And these!

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daneen said...

I love all the pictures. Owen is a gift. Thanks for sharing him with us.