Monday, July 5, 2010

A Family 4th

Yesterday was July 4th so we went over to Casey & Jeff's for a BBQ.
Family, great food and a pool! Owen was thrilled!

He was in the pool for a bit with cousin Sarah and Aunt Diane while Daddy put his suit on. He thought it was a scream that Sarah was jumping out from under the water..

Here's Sarah, cute as usual..

After the pool and lunch he was really content to roam the yard. He was having a lot of fun going up and down their stone steps. Ms. Susan, his PT would be proud. Hands Free!
Then there was his swimsuit. I pulled it up SO many times.. But he kept pulling it down! He also loved playing in his "tent", aka the table.

Then it was back in the pool. He didn't want much of his tube on the 2nd dip. I think he wanted to be a big boy. He did a great job practicing his kicking.

We didn't stick around for Fireworks, after his reaction to the train ride yesterday, I figured that was a bad idea.

Hope you had a Happy 4th! Thanks again, Jeff & Casey for a fun time.

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