Sunday, June 24, 2012

Better late than never, Hippotherapy Show 2012

This year I missed Owen's riding show.

It wasn't my fault, I got scheduled on a work trip-- and yes, I was miserable about it.

Normally, we aren't super busy on weekends, but the weekend of May 19th, I had to go away for work to Florida, my mom had hip surgery and then the Riding show.

Totally, totally, sucked.

But, the boy did wonderful, from what I was told.  He was really attentive, paid attention and was all about loving Miss Maureen, his PT.  Owen rode at 230 in the afternoon and all the "fun" stuff was already packed up for the day, so no games, food--nothing.  Just riding, so that may be why he did so great being that there was less distractions.

Here are the best photos that were taken!

Cheesy Face!

Smooching Miss Maureen!

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