Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Little Surfer

Summer is here and it's Owen's favorite time of year.  The boy loves water.  Baths, showers, pools, puddles, the Ocean and SURFING.  Yep, the boy went surfing, and it was wonderful.

Our fab ST Sarah and her fiance Steven are starting up Waves of Change and we were super eager to get on board.  We met them yesterday in Asbury Park while praying to the rain gods that it stay clear for the hour.

And it did.

And the boy was THRILLED.

We got on the beach, and Owen was excited to just be there, then Steven took him over to a surfboard on the sand, with NO trouble from Owen, had him walking on it a bit to get him started.  He really liked it.

Then, Steven just took him by the hand, and off the went.  Owen did a bunch of runs, he loved it and then he was done.  I think he was so overstimulated that he just needed to run around on the beach.  He was so happy and excited Steven thought he was cold, but Rich and I both feel he was vibrating with excitement.  The pictures speak for themselves, and we go back next week on my birthday, and I can't think of a better thing to do then watch the little man be so stinkin' happy.

I got more pictures from Renee, a PT that works with Sarah at Abilities, so I'll be putting up more soon!

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