Friday, March 26, 2010

Grades are Good!

Owen gets an update every 2 weeks from Miss Beth. It's basically a report card of everything he's doing and not doing. His grades look really good. He's improved in every area this time! Sometimes he gets marked down when he doesn't have his listening ears on but things were clicking because the boy was working!

The percentage is the amount of times he did it for them over the 2 week period.

Simple one step directions
Stand Up 67%
Come Here 33% -- This was at like 12% 2 weeks ago!
Throw it Away 50%

Gross Motor Imitation: Direction "Do This"
Touch Head 75%
Tap Knees 33%-- This explains why he's been tapping going to bed. This was really low as well.
Stomp Feet 26%

Imitation with objects: Direction "Do This"
Puts whistle to mouth -- MASTERED! He is not blowing air, just putting whistle to mouth
Feed Baby w/spoon 90% -he refuses to do this at home, go figure
Put Blocks in Cup -- MASTERED!
Hit Sticks together 80%
Stir w/spoon - New Target

Receptive Object Identification: Direction "Touch___ in a field of 3 items"
Car 63% -- This totally annoys me as he knows what a car is!
Bubbles 50%
Play Doh 23%

Matching Identical Objects in a field of Three --

Gestural Communication: "What do you want?"
Points to Desired Item 80%

Isolate Toy Play
Choses toy from choice of 2 toys - Faded Physical Prompting
Plays with toy for one minute appropriately
(here is where the little fink has been playing the ladies of Village School with his charm)
Completes knob puzzle w/food reinforcer with 2-3 prompts
That boy has been doing 9 piece puzzles with NO knobs for almost a year. With sometimes a verbal prompt to finish!! So, I ratted him out to Miss Beth and I'm sure the food is stopping!
Scribbles for 5 seconds with faded physical prompting

PECS - Picture Exchange Communication System
We are continuing to have Owen 3 feet away from us and expect him to get up and walk to us to hand us the picture for a desired item. We still have to prompt him to get up from the chair for the first 5-8 times.
Translation: Somebody is being LAZY!

Then once he gets used to the idea that he has to get up from the chair, he does really well. All of the prompting is prompted to get up from the chair. He is also doing some going thru of his book on his own to find what he wants.

Also to add, we've been working on body parts at home. We know our nose, ears and sometimes our belly. We've had to just do a lite physical prompt by tapping his hand if he doesn't do it the first time and then just like that.. His hands go where they need to go..

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Uncle Brian said...

Thats great Owen!! Keep up the good work buddy!
I love you!