Sunday, March 21, 2010

Riding Tall

Horsewise that is..

Owen went to riding this week and he rode an actual HORSE. Not a pony, a horse, and he thought he was the big man on campus. First, let me start with how awesome the weather was on Wednesday. It was high 60's and just gorgeous. I thought about what a great time he was going to have all day and how his St. Patrick's Day tee was appropriate as it said "Lucky Boy". Yup, I was jealous since I was stuck at work all day..

The horse he rode is called Dreamer and he even got to brush the horse. He wouldn't wear the brushing mitt but he held it in his hand and had a ball.

He got to go to the Sensory playground that day as well. We don't have pictures of that since it's out in the woods off the riding trail but he was a jumping bean on the trampoline by himself, played on the swings and was a Listening Machine. He followed all directions and was a model student.

Here's the lucky little boy that morning getting ready for school and not cooperating for a photo. This is his St. Patrick's Day derby that we got at Target that he loves and wears around the house.

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