Sunday, March 14, 2010

We will walk again!

Last year after we got an official Autism diagnosis we Rich and I signed up for the Walk Now for Autism Speaks walk in Long Branch, NJ. The 3 of us were Team Short Man as we raised a little of $1,000 for a wonderful cause in a short amount of time-- 6 weeks! This year, we are getting ready-EARLY!
We've already signed up, and Team Short Man is back for Round 2. We're striving for more donations this year and we hope that some friends and family join us for this year's walk. We've already received $200 in donations from some friends and family. It's taking place on Saturday, October 2nd. You can visit our page to help with donations or sign up to walk with us here:

This is our team photo from last year!

Go Team Short Man!


Uncle Brian said...

Count my donation in, i'll do it on wednesday! Go team short man!!!
PS: if we didn't have 6 weddings that weekend i would be walking also.
Love you guys!
O-dog rocks ;]

Owen's Mom said...

Thank you Uncle Bri Bri! See You Soon! We don't walk til October so take your time. We appreciate it!