Sunday, March 13, 2011

50 degrees = Outdoor Fun

It was beautiful out this weekend so we took Owen up to Turtle Back Zoo for the 1st trip of this year. It was, eventful.

Owen's chelating this weekend, on top of him getting used to Chiro adjustments, and he wasn't in the mood. I think sensory wise, it was a tad much. But, we took lots of bench breaks and we made our way around most of the zoo.

We didn't ride the train, O's been super sensitive to alarms and sirens as of late so we skipped. We went into what they call their new "aquarium".

No further explanation needed, I'm sure.

Overall, the trip was OK. He's done much better previously, it was sort of disheartening. BUT, if you think about Autism as a whole body disorder as it effects the entire body, and what O's currently dealing with, He did pretty awesome.

And here's the peacock that let me get super close to take a snap!

And the bears were super active! This was the best photo we could get:

In other news, we're at the 30 minute mark with potty training at school, and Owen said "dog" and "doggie" tonight appropriately. Always exciting! Owen also has been taking Fergus's toys from him every time Fergus takes one of his toys. He then will hold it up so Fergus can't get it.

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