Thursday, March 17, 2011

The fog is lifitng....

or at least I think so.

Now, I may change my mind today, next week or next year, but right now--
Something is changing.

His vocal sounds are more clear, more purposeful. His attention is great and he is following 2 step directions like a Superstar. Miss Beth at school reported that this week his attention has been better and he is working so great during his 1:1 sessions. For example, each table has something to call it, such as a picture of a Star is the Star Table. Usually she has to prompt him and give him the card, now she just shows him and he goes to the appropriate section. At home, he will get undressed for his bath, put his clothes in the hamper and put his pullup in the garbage. All with little to No prompting on our part. At his private Speech she was working on animal sounds and yesterday Owen said "Woof" for Dog, "Ba" for Sheep and "Puppy" for Fergus. Yesterday he engaged in a rousing game of "Peek a Boo" with the dog. He would hide, Fergus would watch him like he was God, and then he would pop out smiling at the little furball.

Pretty great.

This morning he ate his morning Banana and I told him "Good Job" and clear as a bell he yelled out "Good Job".

Good Job Indeed, O.

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TheJimos said...

Go, Owen! This is such exciting news!!! Looking forward to more and more! Love you, Buddy!