Thursday, March 3, 2011

Does that look a little crooked to you?

and the answer would be Yes.

So, after lots of reading, and thinking, and just a little more reading, we decided to take Owen for a Chiropractic Assessment. I had gone to a lecture at Owen's DAN! MD a LONG time ago, and held on to Dr. Dennis Brown's card. He's a Chiropractor in Atlantic Highlands who specializes in Special Needs kiddos. You can find out more info on them at www.shorehands.comWho'd have thought, right? He's also a Hope for Autism Doctor, which I love. You can read more about that here

We went for our visit, met the Doc, his RN and wife Jennifer, their office manager, Brenda and all went well. Owie got an X-Ray, adjusted and was on his way Day 1. Day 2, we saw the X-Ray and well, he's a little left of center, actually right.

He's off in his hips, his spine as scoliosis, his neck is not great either. When you look at the film, the black line is normal, the red, is our little red haired man. They are recommending 3x a week for 12 weeks and then another Xray to see progress. Dr. Brown is very confident it can all be corrected.

Today was Day 3, and Owen let Dr. Brown PICK HIM UP and was happy about it. He was a champ for his adjustments, even allowing him to do his neck. He also broke out the these tuning forks and gave 'em a whack. It's to basically put his Propreoceptic System into overdrive and really maximize the visits.

Overall, I'm really hopeful. They've dealt with a lot of kids and the literature out the on Autism and Chiropractic Care is so positive, I really didn't feel like I couldn't give this a shot. After his first adjustment, Rich and I both thought he was just a little bit more babbly, I'm definately going to keep a good log, I want to see where this goes.

Potty training is also going well. We're at almost 30 minutes at school with no accidents. Home, well, let's just say that isn't happening, yet.

More to come!

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