Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flashback Cafe, Owie Style!

It's Leap Day! I will always, always love this day. Why? Well, 4 years ago, the Bubs walked. He was standing in front of our fish tank and then just walked over to me.

I screamed. He cried.

You get the point.

Then, after calming us both down, I was hellbent on getting this on video. And I did. For once.

Now, he's a running, jumping lunatic and I really do love it. Just not when he's tearing ass through the produce aisle like I don't feed him. But in all seriousness, at this point in time, I was really getting worried. He was 22 months. Every one kept saying, "Don't worry, he will" But, until you see it, how can you not? I remember our Neurologist telling us to give him until he's 2, then we'll discuss further testing. That loomed over my head every day. I was never so happy to report that he was walking and starting to attempt running by 24 months. Now, if he'd just talk.

Now today, 4 years later, I'm fillng out paperwork for him to sign up for the Special Olympics Young Athlete Program. You get a fun kit for him to play with and prepare him for real sports with the program once he turns 8. We'll see, but I'm hoping this is fun for him! You can find the brochure here if you're interested!

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