Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tales of the Fruit Thief

It's been too long. I have no excuses. So, I'm just going to jump back in.

Owen loves fruit. I mean LOVES it. He will eat it anytime, no matter how full, if you offer it, he will eat it. He will also steal it.
Today, the boy and I went to Delicious Orchards. Shop Rite was mobbed so we went to Delicious Orchards so he could help with the shopping. When the store is too crowded I can't have him bag the fruit or talk to him like I try to. So, off we went.

We get in the store, and after touching every package of bread, he saw the Motherland, the produce section.

And they had free samples of oranges.
Flash forward 5 minutes, and I'm dragging the boy away as he's clutching a blood orange like he's never been fed in his life. We make our way around the the cider, he bellies up to the bar, and I think we're on our way.

And there is the grapes section. Red, Green, Purple. He RUNS. Mommy runs.

Score: Owen 1 Mommy 0

So, now the grapes are in my cart, and the three of us are off. Owen, his pet Blood Orange, and Me.
We're in the Veggies, and after eating 2 green beans raw, we were on our way. I apologize now to the kid putting out Asparagus how I almost flung the Blood Orange at you as I wrestled my child, the Rumplestiltskin of Hypotonia to the ground for it. He is the only child with Low Tone that can turn that into cement and become 100 pounds. Seriously.

But, in all seriousness, as hard as today was, we're so lucky.  SO many kids on the Spectrum or ANY kid won't eat what Owen will.  He loves all fruit and a lot of veggies.   He loves to go out and eat.  His favorite restaurant is Chili's for the tortilla chips. 

Oh, in case you are wondering.  I bought the Blood Orange, and he ate it for dessert and carried around his bowl as if I was going to rob the child of his food. 

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