Monday, March 5, 2012

Spaghetti with a side of Sensory

Sunday nights are just me and the O flying solo since Rich is at work. I've deemed them Sensory Sundays. This week's fun was Spaghetti Therapy. The little red haired maniac that I adore LOVED it. If you try this at home, I suggest doing it before the bath or shower because the boy was dirty, dirty, dirty! Owen was a little unsure at first, but when he realized the purpose after I demonstrated, he was all in.

In an interesting note, after we were done, Owen walked away toe walking, which he hasn't done in FOREVER. It was brief, but I noticed it. Is it because he was just overloaded? I can't wait to ask Tara, his OT who's a member of the boy's beloved Therapy Blondentourage. The Blondetourage warrants another post as they rule.

Here is our photo overload!!

Also, this weekend Owen said "Mommy, Daddy, Bye Puppy" All unprompted and CLEAR. I'm quite excited to tell Sarah, Owen's Speech Therapist and the long standing recipient of Os Love Goggles.

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