Monday, March 12, 2012

Let There Be Light!

Yesterday was Sunday, so it was time for some Sensory fun! After reading about Jordan and Trevor's fun with a Sensory Light Box, I decided I was going to do the same. You can read about their fun at Jordan's blog. I had a hard time finding the right box, All the boxes I could find were too dark, or colored tops. But, the world's crappiest Kmart of Hazlet, NJ had the right one, because, quite frankly, no one shops there, I'm sure.

In short, the boy LOVED this! I only introduced 2 different kinds of things to display. The 1st being Easter gel clings for the windows, and aquarium rocks. The clings were great as they prompted a lot of him saying "purple" or "purpah" as he says it. The aquarium rocks were fun for him, but he got so over stimulated that he decided they needed to be thrown everywhere. I also think I put out too many at first. I'd love more ideas of what to use with the light box so if anyone knows of anything, let us know. We'll be trying out colored gel next! Here's some photos of the fun:

Also, we are now at 4 weeks of being peepee potty trained, poop, well, that's a different story. Purple has also been part of the boy's vocabulary for 1 week. Another word!

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