Friday, March 9, 2012

Attention Target Guests

When the boy was a baby, he HATED Target. He'd scream, cry, demand to be held. I couldn't go there-but he loved Wal-Mart. Then, about 2, Target was OK to run in and out. Spending an hour there getting all your household needs and all the crap you think you need. Nope. Not a chance, until about the last year, NOW, the boy loves Target.

He's been doing really, really with following directons. He's listening and really likes to be helping. So, now, Target is like a playground. I thought I'd document a trip to show how he's gone from crazy baby to the big boy.

First off, the boy loves dish detergent. He will immediately run for a bottle and watch the soap. I've been thinking for a while now to get him a lava lamp, but I'm afraid he might become Sir Stims-a-lot from it. Still contemplating..

He's also doing awesome with walking next to the cart, and even pushing it with me. He will get really mad if you try and cart him most of the time.

He also did awesome waiting at the Pharmacy for Daddy's prescriptions. This to most would seem normal and not worth mentioning but in the Conroy home, this is cause for mention. A few months ago, his little butt wouldn't even had touched the chair and sat for 10 seconds. It would have been a race of him running and laughing as he knows he's fast as anything.

I've also been really working on shopping skills with him. I always show him what I'm making and what the boxes look like because I want him to be able to find these things in a grocery store. I just think you can't start too soon with this life skill and he really enjoys it.

Also, in case you didn't know: The 3 foods that a soon to be 6 year old really loves are Waffles, Chocolate and Propel. This just makes him gitty to find them.

At some point in our trip, the boy gets brave and likes to walk a few feet in front of the cart. I've been letting him a bit because I've been testing him with listening skills. Today, he did OK, but most of the time, he'll come right back to me when I ask him to do so.

Here's the shirt that I really wanted to get him but didn't. Luckily, it was in the infant section, but I thought this would have been perfect!

Now, by this point we've hit Furniture row.

I don't know what he would do if this actually turned on!

Everything is always better when you are whistling!

Hang on! Just one more seat to try!

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