Monday, July 13, 2009

Did you hear that?

I picked Owen up from school today and I saw Miss Beth. Today, she and Owen's Speech Therapist, Vuola heard him say "Hi". Someone came in to the classroom and said "Hi" to the students and she said she heard a tiny little voice next to her say "Hi" right back.

Yup, it was Owen.

She said that if she wasn't right next to him she wouldn't have heard it, and Vuola was next to him on the other side and heard it as well. Go Owen!

In other notes, we got his Progress Report today and they are working on:

Simple One Step Directions:
Current Targets are: Stand up, Sit down and give me

Gross Motor Imitation direction: "do this"
Current Targets are: Arms Up, clap hands, tap knees "think head, shoulders, knees and toes"

Receptive Object Identification: "touch ________"

Gestural Communication "What do you want" with a point to desired item

Coloring: Just to do it!

PECS: This is a picture identification system in which they use photos and prompting to get Owen to 'express". Right now, he's been doing "ok" with 2 photos, but they are trying to get him to 1 photo for a few basic items. When I have more info, I'll post it...

And as usual, he tried to run back into school because he wasn't ready to leave! Too cute!

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