Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Get it IN!

Owen loves yogurt. He will eat it all day, every day if you let him. When you open the fridge he will run and take out a cup of it and try to open it. Today was no exception..

The exception was that tonight we were having drinkable yogurt. But, the container had Owen's girlfriend Dora on the box and the containers..

So, the foil top wasn't coming off as fast as the boy with no patience wanted so he holding his straw yelled "IN" and attempted to put his straw in the container. WOW! Rich and I both shocked tried to get him to say it again and, he was too busy drinking by this point.

So about 3.5 seconds later, after Owen sucked it down, he immediately went into the kitchen to put his empty container on the kitchen counter which he does with all his cups when he wants a refill. Again, really great..

What has even better was that when Rich told him the yogurt was all done, he could have something else, he yelled and gestured at the counter, basically saying "Uh, excuse me? I know what I want!"

So, a cranky fit later, he's now eating Blueberries saying "Num Num" like Cookie Monster on Sesame Street.

Too Cute!

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mary_gorny said...

Wow thats awesome! Olivia loves Kefir, its a yogurt drink too.