Thursday, July 23, 2009

No, Whoa, and the big O

Owen has been very chatty over the last week or so!

Mostly babble, but we have had some word activity..

1st up: NO!

The scene: Owen wanted to have more juice and Daddy said "No, you need to have water". Owen then got mad, started to stomp his feet and say "No, No, No". Good times!

2nd: Whoa!

Scene: playing around, slipped and yelled "whoa!" Appropriately, and very cute!

and the big one... HIS NAME!

Rich and Owen were in the supermarket and Rich was singing his name to him "Owen, Owen.." and Owen very softly said " Oh- in" "Oh-in".

It was great, or so I hear.. as once again: I MISSED IT! Aaaaahhhh!

That's what I get for working a 40 hour work week this week!

More to come, later!

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