Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Juice Cup Runneth Over...

Yesterday I picked Owen up from school and saw Miss Beth. I asked her how the culprit did today and I got more details on Owen's juice spree..

Well, Miss Beth gave Owen his own juice when she saw he didn't have any. She keeps a stash in the class in case kids need more, spill, etc. So, Owen had 2 cups with a straw. This apparently didn't cut it.

It was AFTER his 2 cups during his 10 minute snack break that he was trying the old "Wink and a Smile" routine and stealing juice!

The kid is like a camel! Where's his hump?

In other news, apparently Owen is doing great during circle time. He sits now and just laughs! He's not really "participating" in circle, but she's happy he's so being so attentive. She said that he watches her the entire time, which is great.

Also, every Wednesday during Summer session some High School volunteers are coming in and teaching the kids ball skills! They have a T-Ball stand and have everyone hitting the ball and attempting to catch and Owen did great and had a blast!

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